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  • Laulhere Berets - Made in France


    It is because we are passionate that the Laulhère adventure has lasted for 180 years.

    Pierre Laulhère was passionate about merino wool and at the time went to Spain to select the best merino wool.

  • NOLA Brass Band Jazz 8-Point Hat

    NOLA Brass Band Jazz Hats

    The Original NOLA Jazz Brass Band Hats worn by the Second Line brass bands of New Orleans! Treme, Brass Band, Olympia, Brass Band, Kinfolk Brass Band, Hot 8......

  • Original Greek Fisherman Cap - Made In Greece

    Since 1886, THE GREEK FISHERMAN Cap has been HAND MADE in an ancient town outside Athens, Greece. The Greek Fisherman hat is a hat style that is perhaps one of the most iconic around the globe. While the GREEK FISHERMAN is a well known Character of the Western World, one does not need to be GREEK or a Fisherman to wear this cap. However, a feeling for adventure and romance is a MUST!

  • Parkhurst berets

    Parkhurst Of Canada Berets & Hats


    The year was 1926. Our founder, Louis Borsook, was running a chain of Millinery stores when he got the idea of making and selling headwear. While in Europe he found Beret machines that had been abandoned in a barn. What followed was years of passion leading to the production of the renowned Dorothea Basque Beret (now known as the Classic Basque Beret). 

  • Original Panama Jack Hats

    Panama Jack is a time and a place - the way life was meant to be lived. Made with Love, Care and Pride since 1974, our products bring this lifestyle to people’s everyday lives. Whether at home or abroad, there's always more to see and explore.

    Wherever the winds take you next on your journey, Panama Jack can help you get there.

  • Paradise Found Hawaiian Shirts

    In the 1930's and 1940's the "Aloha Shirt" became a universal symbol of Hawaii's warmth and spirit.  Today, almost 70 years later, Paradise Found Sportswear carry on the Hawaiian tradition by manufacturing the highest quality, most authentic versions of the islands favorite designs.  From the warm, romantic days of old Hawaii, we present our collection of "Made in Hawaii." The islands most authentic designs of nostalgic and modern "Aloha Shirts," all of which embody the spirit of Aloha!

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