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*Laulhere ROSA Military Wool French Beret, Style#42216

*Laulhere ROSA Military Wool French Beret, Style#42216

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Laulhere "ROSA" Military Wool French Beret,  Style#42216

A symbol of our Maison, the Rosa beret pays tribute to Rosa Parks, an icon of the civil rights movement in the United States. The Rosa beret adopts the codes of the military beret and the style of the commando beret with its leather edging which, thanks to a lace, is easily tied at the back of the head. To tie the lace, cross each cord before tying the knot. If you pull on the two cords separately, your beret may tear.

  • French beret for women and men
  • 100% virgin merino wool base, knitted and felted in our workshops
  • A shaped fold is preformed and sewn on the side
  • Full grain cowhide headband, narrower than the Basque beret headband
  • A lace on the back, inspired by military berets
  • Blue headdress made of 60% acetate and 40% viscose and decorated with a black polyester Laulhère badge
  • Authenticated by the enamelled rivet decorated with the emblem of the Maison Laulhère
  • Plate diameter : 28 cm
  • Delivered in a Laulhère storage box
  • Manufactured in France in our workshop in Oloron-Sainte-Marie
  • Beret that fits all face shapes and size normally
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