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  1. Always handle your hat by the brim. (Do not pinch the crown to pick it up as this will result in misshapen crowns and may split the felt.)
  2. Never rest your hat on its brim. Always turn it upside down and set it on the crown, so that the brim doesn't flatten out.
  3. Clean your hat regularly using a soft bristle brush or a hat sponge. Brush counter clockwise with the nap, starting at the bow.
  4. If you get caught in the rain, turn the sweatband out and let the hat stand on the crown until dry.
  5. Never apply direct heat to your hat as this will cause it to shrink and/or lose its shape.
  6. Always store your hat in a hat box to help keep it clean and looking new.

  1. Do not get your straw hat wet! This will cause the straw to swell and lose its shape.
  2. Always handle your hat by its brim. Do not pinch the crown, this will result in cracked straw and misshapen crowns.
  3. Never rest your straw hat on its brim. Always turn it upside down and set it on the crown, so that the brim doesn't flatten out.
  4. Dust your new straw hat with a soft bristled brush to keep it clean.
  5. Keep your hat stored in a cool dry place in a hat box to help it retain its shape and stay clean. (Especially out of season)

  1. Never handle your hat, or anyone else's, by the crown. It leaves fingerprints and breaks down the fabric. Always pick up a hat by the brim and adjust it on your head by holding the front and back of the brim.
  2. The safest place to keep your hat is on your head.
  3. Anytime you take it off, set it upside down on its crown. Otherwise, it will lose its shape.
  4. Never leave your hat in a hot car, closet or anywhere else that gets hot. It will shrink.
  5. If you get caught in the rain or snow and your hat gets wet, let it dry out slowly.
  6. Never put on anybody else's hat, and don't take it kindly if they put on yours.
  7. If you're handing somebody their hat, give it to them upside down, with the back towards you. Otherwise, if they don't look, they are apt to put their hat on backwards.
  8. When you meet a woman, tip your hat to her.
  9. Take your hat off if you sit down at a table to eat. Leave it on if you're at a counter.
  10. Once a week, wipe your hat with a sponge, and when it starts to get loaded with trail dust, have it blocked and cleaned by a professional.


    • When putting on a hat, the bow inside signifies the back of the hat.
    • For a snap brim you can put the hat on and then gently run your fingers around the front of the brim to "snap" it down.
    • When entering a building or place of business you should remove your hat, with few exceptions.
    • In a large building, with an elevator, you should remove your hat before entering an elevator unless it is crowded. If it is - leave your hat on until you step off of the elevator.
    • Allways remove your hat at a restaurant. You may keep it with you as a safety precaution or leave on the coat rack or with the coat check.
    • To tip you hat as a gesture of "hello" you touch the brim and incline your head slightly in the direction of the person you are acknowledging.
    • For that special person or a person of authority you should remove your hat completely. To do that you gently grasp the top of the hat, raise it slightly off of you head, tilt your head in their direction and then place the hat back onto your head.
    • Ladies may wear their hat indoors as these hats are considered a fashion accessory and therefore do not have to be removed.
    • If you have to bow to a dignitary you should always remove your hat by the brim and as you bow, with a sweeping motion bring it across in front of you. Women, once again, do not have to follow this procedure, just as they do not bow.


    It is the opinion of everyone here at French Quarter Haberdashery that you should wear what you like. Hats should be fun! But - here's what the fashion experts say:
    • Petite women should wear small brimmed, small crowned hats.
    • If you want to look taller, go for a little higher crown with a slope crease.
    • Tall women should wear wider brimmed, shorter crowned hats.
    • Full figured women should avoid high crowns and go with curled brims and dramatic creases.
    • If you have a long face, put a big curl in your brim and keep away from narrow brims.
    • If you have a round face, go with a higher crown, but stay away from round brims.
    • If you have a triangular face, go with a small brim with a big roll and a high crown.
    • If you have a square face, try a peaked crown and a curled brim, and wear your hat at an angle.
    • If you have an oval face, you've got the perfect face for any hat you want to wear.
    • Whatever way you go, never wear your hat on the back of your head. Tilt it, pull it down, or wear it straight.