About Us

FQH - French Quarter Haberdashery (formerly shushans.com) was established in 1998.

FQH - French Quarter Haberdashery "A family run Hat & Casual Wear Online retailer located in the Metropolitan New Orleans, Louisiana region." We have been in the retail business since 1973. We had a brick & mortar shop in the Upper Pontalba Building on Jackson Square in New Orleans for over 44 years. We offer the finest headwear and casual clothing from US and International suppliers.

We offer a complete range hats and caps such as Ecuadorian Panama Hats,
Greek Fisherman Caps, Tilley Hats, Blues Brother Hats, Boater/Sailor Straw Hats, Derby's, French Berets, Anglo-Basque Berets, Official Indiana Jones Hats, Lite-Felt Packable and Water Repellent Hats, Henschel Breezer Outback Hats, Dobbs Hats, Stetson Hats, Scala Hats, Jazz Brass Band Caps, Broner Hats, Capas Hats, New York Hats, Original Panama Jack Hats, Jeanne Simmons Hats, Parkhurst Berets & Hats, Laulhere Made in France - French Berets, Hatbands, and Hat Feathers.

Also, Hawaiian Shirts, Guayabera Shirts, Reyn Spooner MLB shirts, Travel Vests, Novelty Socks, Ties, & Suspenders, Jess and Jane Novelty Tee Shirts, Weekender Sportswear, Hook & Tackle Clothing, Pacific Legend Hawaiian Shirts, Paradise Found Hawaiian Shirts, Kalaheo Military Shirts, Brief Insanity Boxers & Lounge Pants, Miniature Musical Pins, and much more.

What sets us apart from other Company's is the way we package our products. We ship in strong corrugated boxes with inside hat rings.  We do not ship hats in plastic bags.  Also, if a hat is manufactured in the USA, this is the hat you will receive.  For example, you may find a Henschel Breezer Hat at a lower price than ours but note that it is an Imported Hat version Made in China.  We believe in USA made products!